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Facilitating meetings, enabling your change

Get collaboration going, have a 21st century meeting

Starting the flow of ideas

Meetings are those work moments that your people come together. They should be the moments where participation and cooperation are at its strongest. Doing so makes for decisions that are being supported, made swiftly, and executed upon afterwards.

And you know this requires meetings with inclusion, cooperation and engagement at their heart. You need 21st century meetings. And as an expert in 21st century meetings I can help you with just that.

Experience inclusive meeting design and great meeting leadership. And see how I create ownership and results in your team.

Facilitating your meeting

Asking me to facilitate your meeting means I will design and lead your meeting to realize your desired outcomes.

The advantage? You and your team get a top-notch highly participative and result-oriented 21st century meeting while you can concentrate on the things that matter to you: getting closer to your goal!

How I work

engaging during a meeting

I work with a clear 3-step approach.

  1. Designing your 21st century meeting: after a thorough intake I start designing your meeting. This is done in one or several iterative steps, depending on the type, size and desired result of the meeting (see 4 types of different meetings + examples of meetings).
  2. Leading your 21st century meeting: leading the meeting means involving the participants as much as possible. My meetings are known for their hard work, fun and concrete results.
  3. Executing and evaluating your meeting: it starts when the meeting is over. That’s when execution of the decisions starts. I take a personal pride in securing the results of the meeting are acted upon.

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Download 7 meeting tips

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