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Get ready to surf complexity

Starting the flow of ideas

What do you and your organisation need to do to surf complexity? There are three things I ask you to think about when surfing complexity:

  1. the distribution of power towards the lowest possible level
  2. how people bring themselves to work
  3. the purpose of your organisation and its evolution

Well designed meetings take an important part in your change. They should be the moments where participation and cooperation are at its strongest. Doing so makes for decisions that are being supported, made swiftly, and executed upon afterwards.

Let me help you to get ready to surf complexity

Asking me to facilitate your change means I will design and lead interventions and meetings to realise the desired outcomes. I always come up with a tailor-made approach. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in your organisational change.

engaging during a meeting

My offer consists of two possibilities.

Designing and leading your 21st century meeting

Some 10 years ago I started surfing complexity in meetings delivering over 80 sessions a year. Always taking the sessions  objectives as a starting point I design and facilitate sessions known for their engagement, fun, hard work and action-oriented results. I have deep knowledge of group dynamics in international settings, multicultural sensitivities and participatory methodologies.

Leading your 21st century change

Assignments running longer than 1 or a couple of meetings are for in-depth organisational change. With the client I design a coherent process with carefully chosen interventions (meetings, trainings, communication) in which purpose, team development and concrete results form the core of my approach.

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Download 7 meeting tips

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