21st century meetings.
Surf complexity with inclusive and collaborative meetings.
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Surf complexity with 21st century meetings

In our increasingly complex world, your organization adapts. And so should your meetings.

Meetings help you make decisions, getting things done and connect. Or so you wished. In the new world your meetings often do not deliver. You realize you need a better form of cooperation.

Meetings reflect your organization’s culture. But they should be much more. They should be the breeding ground for your organization’s culture, for the result-oriented cooperation you’re seeking.

This requires meetings with inclusion, cooperation and engagement at their heart. You need 21st century meetings.

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Ruben in action

About Ruben van der Laan

My adventure with meetings started at the weekly staff meeting of my first job. One of my colleagues always took a nap; sometimes short, sometimes for the entire meeting. The meeting leader just let it happen and so did we, happy to leave the hierarchy do its non-interventionist job.

It showed the failure of our meetings and their low level of engagement. It also showed they were not fit for our current complex times.

So I started delving into what meetings should be like in this complex 21st century. And I reached the following conclusion:

  • we’re living in radical times with wicked problems and challenges (with climate change being the most wicked of problems and greatest of challenges)
  • these radical times require new and radical ways of organizing
  • leadership moves away from the hierarchy,
  • collaboration has become the modus operandi for any successful organisation
  • meetings are key in making that shift happen

My passion for 21st century meetings was ignited.


Download 7 meeting tips

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