Leading your meeting

Change or innovation are no easy task. So you want to put your energy with the things you're good at and participate. Let me know what you need and I'll lead a meeting helping your change or innovation.
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Meeting design

What method to use? What questions to ask? When to have subgroups? Designing a meeting is a craft. I'll design the perfect meeting so that your team achieves great and lasting results.
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Meeting coach

You want the best meeting. Meetings with ideas and strong decisions, meetings that get things done. As a meeting coach I'll advice you on how to realize just that.
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The failure of “hierarchical” management structures



The Financial Director magazine interviewed me about what modern management structures are required to be able to innovate successfully in our fast-changing world. The article evolves around the dual operating system by Kotter, whom I interviewed at the beginning of the year.

My first book ‘Creatief en Betrokken Vergaderen’

Creatief en Betrokken Vergaderen

My first book has been published with the Dutch title: ‘Creatief en betrokken vergaderen, Twee Gouden Regels en Zeven Gewoonten’ . Translated: ‘Creative and Engaging Meetings. Two Rules and Seven Habits.’
I’m sorry for all my non-Dutch speaking followers! But I seized the opportunity when it passed by. The English version is planned, but allow me some time to make it happen.

If you want the nut-shell version of the book, then download my brochure which is in English.

My speech at The Creativity World Forum 2011

Being able to talk about the topic of meetings in fun. Being able to that at the Creativity World Forum in front of an audience of approximately 600 is even more fun. Watch my 7-minute speech on creative and engaging meetings here.

Some of my clients

Clients Aug 2013



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