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It’s a sweet thing to redesign my website. I get to go through all my older posts again: all these ideas on change, innovation and the crucial role of meetings. Time to share with you the 4 things I learned about meetings.


Lesson 1: Meetings are a means to an end

4 thingsThis one sounds pretty obvious and not a conclusion worth drawing. Yet we tend to approach meetings in a fatalistic way. As an inescapable part of working life!


We tend to forget that meetings are just one way to design our cooperation. As a team you’ve an ambition to pursue, results to achieve and for that you meet. But would it be possible to achieve the same the results without the meetings?



Lesson 2: Great meetings propel your change and innovation

It’s when you have the whole team together that making headways is easiest. So we believe. That’s why we hold meetings. And it’s true! Meetings, if held in a great way, propel your change and innovation. And may even change the face of the earth.



Lesson 3: A great meeting is about engagement, participation and results

Then what, I hear you asking, is a great meeting? A great meeting engages. A great meeting makes sure everyone participates fully, regardless of positions. You want to get all the ideas out onto the table, yielding results that never existed until after everyone entered the room for the meeting.


There are easy ways to do so. Small changes to your meetings may yield incredible change in behaviour and attitude. Just don’t take the central meeting table as a given. There are other ways to connect, engage and achieve results.


Lesson 4: Lead with a comprehensive toolbox

Who said that leading a meeting was easy? Meetings can easily spiral downwards into negativity. Good leadership means that you get people into a constructive flow. And there are many tools at your disposal.


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