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The failure of hierarchical management structures

Hierarchical management structures and innovation don’t get along


The Financial Director magazine interviewed me about modern management structures. Hierarchical management structures are not able to innovate successfully in our fast-changing world. The article evolves around the dual operating system by Kotter.

‘With Jugaad Innovation you save on time and resources’ – Interview with Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou is co-author of the bestseller Jugaad Innovation, in which he explains how emerging economies are innovating frugally by clever improvisation. Filled with many examples, Navi Radjou and his colleagues show that frugal innovation is flourishing in emerging countries.

9 signs you’re taking innovation seriously

Innovation: a difficult topic

How well are managers able to judge the value of innovation within their organisations?


I was running a workshop for innovators within a big company. Great and novel ideas were discussed,

‘An iPad is not a device’ – Interview with Dave Gray

Dave Gray, founder and chairman of the visual thinking company XPLANE, has just released his new book ‘The Connected Company’. The speed that information moves across, customers, markets, investors and beyond, changes the environments in which our companies are operating.

The Innovation Room

Innovation is inefficient. Innovation is embracing uncertainty.

You’re standing in a big vast room. And everywhere around, you see doors. There are so many doors that the walls,

‘There is always space to act innovatively’ – interview with Paul Iske

Paul Iske

Paul Iske is the Chief Dialogues Officer at the ABN AMRO Bank. It’s an intriguing position in which he is responsible for the Dialogues House and Dialogues Incubator. The ABN AMRO Bank created these spaces to support entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and behaviour within and outside the bank.

‘The culture of most organisations does not accept creativity’ Interview with Keith Sawyer

Keith Sawyer is one of the leading scholars on creativity, collaboration and learning. He is author of several books including the best sellers ‘Explaining Creativity’ and ‘Group Genius’. Working in the creative field I was surprised to find out that many creativity people (including myself) use misconceptions about how novel ideas originate and creativity works.

‘We have to think as designers’ – Interview with Alex Osterwalder

Alex Osterwalder is hot. He is co-author of the bestseller book ‘Business Model Generation’. The book inspired me as being one of the only books worth reading on business modelling. The model is simple,

Weaken your network!

A while ago I came across The Strength of Weak Ties, an article written by Mark Granovetter some 40 years ago. After the article had been refused in the sixties by the American Sociological Review it was eventually published in the American Journal of Sociology in 1973.

Celebrating 1 year of innovation / change / participation

Hurray! My site has reached the young age of 1.

And look at all the possibilities that exist with number 1.

1 quote: ‘It’s better to be 3rd instead of 1st’ Malcolm Gladwell

1 thing I’m thankful for: Ella,

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