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Meetings reflect your organization’s culture. But they could and should be much more. They should be the breeding ground for your organization’s culture, for the result-oriented cooperation you’re seeking.

Meetings then become central in your change or innovation endeavor. For example, any of your core values should actively be acted upon. In your meetings an outsider should be able to see the core values at work.

How I work

Changing and innovating with 21st century meetings first requires a redesign of your meetings to be more in line with your team and organizational culture.

A couple of steps are part of this process:

  • Evaluate your current meetings through the lens of the desired culture and review how the different meetings interact with one and other.
  • Start a design process to increase the effectiveness of your meeting structure. This starts with the why: ‘why do you hold these meetings in the first place?’ And solutions are not only to be found in meetings. For many why’s we do not need meetings because we have other tools at our disposal (think of the use of social intranet).
  • Once the new structure has been trialed, tested and evaluated, we work on the efficiency. Guiding questions are often: how could we do our meetings in half the time, half the participants, half the frequency.

Of course, as collaboration is key, we make a conscious decision how and when to involve your team in every step of the process.


Download 7 meeting tips

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