Where does your meeting impact?

Why a ‘boss free’ organisation is not boss free

Since Zappos decided to turn into a holacracy, we definitely have a hype around boss free companies. Not that ‘boss free’ companies are new, but that a well-known brand and big company is taking up the challenge is definitely worth noticing.   ‘Boss free’ is an answer to the problems of bureaucracy, which in the… Read more »


‘The idea that we need meetings is false!’ Interview with Al Pittampalli

Al Pittampalli calls himself meeting culture warrior. He’s on a mission to change the way organisations hold meetings, make decisions, and coordinate action. It’s a beautiful mission that echoes a lot with the work I do. His manifesto: Read This Before Our Next Meeting sets a new standard for the endless meetings intoxicating our corporate… Read more »

Have you ever met here?

Are your meeting rooms inspiring or depressing?

Create an inspiring space! Habit number 4 of my ‘2 Rules and 7 Habits for Creative and Engaging Meetings’ is a reaction to all the poorly designed meeting rooms that abound in offices around the world. So many meeting hours are spent in uninviting, dull and poorly lit rooms. It’s depressing. Why do we do… Read more »

Creating business values bottom-up

Travelling through Russia can get tough. A few years ago I was standing in a long queue for a train ticket. At a certain moment the lady behind the counter stood up, arranged her hair and closed the desk. I got mad! I had been standing for almost 4 hours! It was almost my turn!… Read more »


I love telling stories to my son. Last time we were in the car for quite a long stretch and my 1-year old became bored and restless. My eyes caught sight of a funny sign saying  ‘island of birds’. I immediately started off talking about all the birds known to men living on a single… Read more »

The moral side of change

Where are we heading to and why? Most change programmes are about adapting to economic times (being able to sell more or to keep the level of sales). But the discussion on why we need a certain change on a deep intrinsic level is hardly addressed. When asked, the most probable answer will be that… Read more »