A low-meeting diet

A low-meeting diet: some do it!

Today I was flabbergasted. On two different unrelated occasions I asked: ‘how many hours a week do you spend in meetings?’ The first person I asked is project manager at a big public organisation, the second manager at a global consultancy.   Both respondents gave the same answer: 5 hours a week.   Example of… Read more »

What Tetris learns you about planning innovation

‘SME’s are reluctant to invest in innovation. The rewards, read profits, are not clear enough for the immediate focus that most SME’s operate in.’ I was discussing with an expert on innovation and instinctively knew he was right. I’ve had difficult experiences discussing innovation with SME’s. There is interest and curiosity about innovation because most… Read more »

A multilevel approach for TOP®

I never realised that the US is a very efficient market until I met a former Marketing Manager from Unilever who had been promoted to Asia. He explained that with one single marketing campaign he could reach a huge market of wealthy customers. With 300 million inhabitants sharing the same language and culture a single… Read more »

Why participation is crucial for your innovation or change

Your innovation or change going astray You want your innovation or change to be successful. But once past the excitement of your original idea, you’re suddenly confronted with a few challenges. At first they seem small and your initial energy is enough to overcome them easily. You’ve built a nice team, you have enough funds… Read more »