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The failure of hierarchical management structures

Hierarchical management structures and innovation don’t get along The Financial Director magazine interviewed me about modern management structures. Hierarchical management structures are not able to innovate successfully in our fast-changing world. The article evolves around the dual operating system by Kotter. I interviewed at the beginning of the year 2013.

Happiness, experience and making your own organisation

The Russian economist Kondratieff discovered that market economies develop in 50-70 year long waves. Markets follow an up-cycle of growth leading to a period of stability that is eventually followed by a recession and that in a timeframe of 50 to 70 years before the new wave starts.   Three important trends The current wave… Read more »

Applying Kotter part 3: what I did wrong

This entry is a follow-up on on why I apply Kotter to my own situation and what I did right. Step 1: Acting with urgency Gee was I busy in the beginning! I wanted to realise my change as quick as possible. But I had no plan and plenty of time. So I just started… Read more »

Applying Kotter part 2: What I did right

This entry is a follow-up of this article in which I apply Kotter to my own change. An entry on what I did wrong can be found here. Step 1: Acting with urgency Unlike the majority of change processes, this was an easy one. I had no occupation, no office, no business cards and no… Read more »

Applying Kotter to my own situation

How well did I lead my change to Bangkok? It’s now roughly 2 years ago that I landed for the first time in Bangkok. I only heard of Thailand as a holiday destination for backpackers and sex-tourists and my expectations of Bangkok were neutral at best (Djakarta and New Dehli, where I had been a… Read more »