Navi Radjou

‘With Jugaad Innovation you save on time and resources’ – Interview with Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou is co-author of the bestseller Jugaad Innovation, in which he explains how emerging economies are innovating frugally by clever improvisation. Filled with many examples, Navi Radjou and his colleagues show that frugal innovation is flourishing in emerging countries. Think low-cost, high quality and affordable solutions in health care, energy, communications etcetera. Jugaad Innovation… Read more »

Keith Sawyer

‘Everyone can be a creative genius’ – Interview with Keith Sawyer

Keith Sawyer is one of the world’s leading scholars on creativity. He is author of the bestseller ‘Group Genius’ that focusses on group creativity. He has just released his new book ‘Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity’ in which he shows that the creative process is not and should not be approached as… Read more »

Dave Gray

‘An iPad is not a device’ – Interview with Dave Gray

Dave Gray, founder and chairman of the visual thinking company XPLANE, has just released his new book ‘The Connected Company’. The speed that information moves across, customers, markets, investors and beyond, changes the environments in which our companies are operating. More and more, customers request special and tailor-made treatments. In ‘The Connected Company’ Dave Gray… Read more »

Paul Iske

‘There is always space to act innovatively’ – interview with Paul Iske

Paul Iske is the Chief Dialogues Officer at the ABN AMRO Bank. It’s an intriguing position in which he is responsible for the Dialogues House and Dialogues Incubator. The ABN AMRO Bank created these spaces to support entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and behaviour within and outside the bank.   Ruben: The Dialogues House and Dialogues… Read more »

Alex Osterwalder

‘We have to think as designers’ – Interview with Alex Osterwalder

Alex Osterwalder is hot. He is co-author of the bestseller book ‘Business Model Generation’. The book inspired me as being one of the only books worth reading on business modelling. The model is simple, handy without being simplistic and it emphasizes the idea of testing and failing. Something I recognize from the field of organisational… Read more »

Pic 3.3 Ruben

The 2 Rules and 7 Habits at the Creativity World Festival

Finally there it is: my 7 minute presentation of ‘Creative and Engaging Meetings’ at the Creativity World Forum. Especially for all those who have voted for me but where not able to attend the Forum. And of course, also for all the other interested!

Innovate with failures, collaboration and solitude

What happens when you’re at a conference where the line-up of speakers is greater than at any conference you’ve been so far at. You get inspired, overloaded with fresh ideas and energised to give your own activities a new boost. At least, that’s what happened to me. The Creativity World Forum 2011 was packed with… Read more »

Why leaders should get themselves loved

‘Yes, but the whole meeting should be designed in such a way that we get them where we want’. That were tough words and it framed the meeting unequivocally. My client knew what she wanted. And she was not willing to let others interfere with her plans.   I was preparing a 2-day retreat and… Read more »

‘Get your ass in line’

The admonishment by US House Speaker John Boehner to his fellow Republican became legendary the moment it was uttered. ‘Get your ass in line’ is a rare beauty of the helplessness of the House Speaker during a closed meeting where he tried to rally support from his fellow party members for a debt bill last… Read more »

The 2 rules for an engaged meeting

There are two rules for an engaged meeting: How well you plan, the meeting will always go wrong, If the meeting does not go wrong, you had a sub-optimal meeting.   When I started working as an office clerk some 12 years ago nobody had told me these rules. Being at the bottom of the… Read more »

Happiness, experience and making your own organisation

The Russian economist Kondratieff discovered that market economies develop in 50-70 year long waves. Markets follow an up-cycle of growth leading to a period of stability that is eventually followed by a recession and that in a timeframe of 50 to 70 years before the new wave starts.   Three important trends The current wave… Read more »

Yes, and… let’s revolutionize the world

Not long ago I discovered and joined the Applied Improvisation Network, a worldwide network of more than 1800 dedicated professionals using improvisation within their work. Their work is typically in the field of education, training, leadership, creativity, innovation and organisational development.     The basic rule for all improvisation work is: ‘yes, and…’   During… Read more »

Letting the new emerge

On the card John wrote the word ‘listening’. He was proud of it. ‘I learned the importance of listening today. It’s makes for better teamwork. So that’s what I’ll do starting tomorrow back at the office’. As usual I was closing the meeting by asking participants to write down that single action they would do… Read more »


I love telling stories to my son. Last time we were in the car for quite a long stretch and my 1-year old became bored and restless. My eyes caught sight of a funny sign saying  ‘island of birds’. I immediately started off talking about all the birds known to men living on a single… Read more »

Tensegrity or prepare yourself to… improvise

I already posted on how improvisation can increase your flexibility. In this article I would like to expand on how your organisation can prepare itself to improvise through the concept of tensegrity.   The principle of tensegrity was first applied in 1951 in the field of architecture in London, UK. Tensegrity (from tensional integrity) is… Read more »