Are you ready for the new game?

The game called collaboration ‘If collaboration is cool, if cross-functional working is so amazing, why do we build these huge hierarchies?’   That’s Eddie Obeng talking, in his great TED-talk ‘Smart failure for a fast-changing world’. He claims that the rules of the game have drastically changed in our 21st century. Our main problem, as… Read more »

Finding the unexpected

9 signs you’re taking innovation seriously

Innovation: a difficult topic How well are managers able to judge the value of innovation within their organisations?   I was running a workshop for innovators within a big company. Great and novel ideas were discussed, challenges were solved and exiting business models were created. Yet, in the background everyone feared his or her idea… Read more »

Stop the meeting reflex

The hidden blessing of failure

I’ve already been blogging here and here about the importance of failure when changing or innovating.   Despite the lessons I write about failure, I try to avoid them. Just like any other human being. Failure is not something I have built into my normal operation mode. I don’t wake up in the morning with… Read more »

Alex Osterwalder

‘We have to think as designers’ – Interview with Alex Osterwalder

Alex Osterwalder is hot. He is co-author of the bestseller book ‘Business Model Generation’. The book inspired me as being one of the only books worth reading on business modelling. The model is simple, handy without being simplistic and it emphasizes the idea of testing and failing. Something I recognize from the field of organisational… Read more »

Meetings: the golden window of opprtunity for change

When an organisation asks me to lead a change, the way meetings are run is rarely a topic of discussion. Points of attention are typically the organisational chart, job descriptions of the new positions (especially at higher level) and typology of the new culture. Meetings are usually overlooked. As if they didn’t matter.   But… Read more »