Where does your meeting impact?

Why a ‘boss free’ organisation is not boss free

Since Zappos decided to turn into a holacracy, we definitely have a hype around boss free companies. Not that ‘boss free’ companies are new, but that a well-known brand and big company is taking up the challenge is definitely worth noticing.   ‘Boss free’ is an answer to the problems of bureaucracy, which in the… Read more »

Letting the new emerge

On the card John wrote the word ‘listening’. He was proud of it. ‘I learned the importance of listening today. It’s makes for better teamwork. So that’s what I’ll do starting tomorrow back at the office’. As usual I was closing the meeting by asking participants to write down that single action they would do… Read more »

The flipside of empowerment

Most of the interventions I design and lead are about gathering people in a meeting room for a specific purpose. When participants enter the room they all have their ideas and expectations about the meeting to come. And I often encounter cynicism. Many of them have had their share of ‘strategic meetings’ and the feeling… Read more »