Navi Radjou

‘With Jugaad Innovation you save on time and resources’ – Interview with Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou is co-author of the bestseller Jugaad Innovation, in which he explains how emerging economies are innovating frugally by clever improvisation. Filled with many examples, Navi Radjou and his colleagues show that frugal innovation is flourishing in emerging countries. Think low-cost, high quality and affordable solutions in health care, energy, communications etcetera. Jugaad Innovation… Read more »

Innovate the opposite way

On Friday 11 February I organised the Creative Green Forum as part of the Green Innovation Platform. An interesting discussion about the definition of innovation started between one of the speakers and the audience. One participant claimed that innovation was a lonely activity; many of the greatest ideas had been produced in glorious solitude. The… Read more »

A multilevel approach for TOP®

I never realised that the US is a very efficient market until I met a former Marketing Manager from Unilever who had been promoted to Asia. He explained that with one single marketing campaign he could reach a huge market of wealthy customers. With 300 million inhabitants sharing the same language and culture a single… Read more »

Applying Kotter part 2: What I did right

This entry is a follow-up of this article in which I apply Kotter to my own change. An entry on what I did wrong can be found here. Step 1: Acting with urgency Unlike the majority of change processes, this was an easy one. I had no occupation, no office, no business cards and no… Read more »

Applying Kotter to my own situation

How well did I lead my change to Bangkok? It’s now roughly 2 years ago that I landed for the first time in Bangkok. I only heard of Thailand as a holiday destination for backpackers and sex-tourists and my expectations of Bangkok were neutral at best (Djakarta and New Dehli, where I had been a… Read more »

Brainstorming in Asia

My first brainstorm session in Asia was a big miss. The group was small and consisted of 7 Thais (and 1 German, the owner of the company). They wanted to develop creative strategies to develop new markets for their company. A great brainstorm topic! When the brainstorm does not take off Brainstorming works when people… Read more »