Are you ready for the new game?

The game called collaboration ‘If collaboration is cool, if cross-functional working is so amazing, why do we build these huge hierarchies?’   That’s Eddie Obeng talking, in his great TED-talk ‘Smart failure for a fast-changing world’. He claims that the rules of the game have drastically changed in our 21st century. Our main problem, as… Read more »


The mirror we are ourselves

‘Well! If you can’t handle it, I’ll do it!’ She almost screamed the sentence then stood up and left the meeting room. She went straight to her working space, fell in her chair and gazed through the window. She felt exasperated. Her team was not able to pull it off.   The past 2 years,… Read more »

Celebrating 1 year of innovation / change / participation

Hurray! My site has reached the young age of 1. And look at all the possibilities that exist with number 1. 1 quote: ‘It’s better to be 3rd instead of 1st’ Malcolm Gladwell 1 thing I’m thankful for: Ella, born on October 11th 1 book that inspired me: ‘Delivering Happiness’ by Tony Hsieh   2011:… Read more »

Why leaders should get themselves loved

‘Yes, but the whole meeting should be designed in such a way that we get them where we want’. That were tough words and it framed the meeting unequivocally. My client knew what she wanted. And she was not willing to let others interfere with her plans.   I was preparing a 2-day retreat and… Read more »

Meetings: the golden window of opprtunity for change

When an organisation asks me to lead a change, the way meetings are run is rarely a topic of discussion. Points of attention are typically the organisational chart, job descriptions of the new positions (especially at higher level) and typology of the new culture. Meetings are usually overlooked. As if they didn’t matter.   But… Read more »

The 2 rules for an engaged meeting

There are two rules for an engaged meeting: How well you plan, the meeting will always go wrong, If the meeting does not go wrong, you had a sub-optimal meeting.   When I started working as an office clerk some 12 years ago nobody had told me these rules. Being at the bottom of the… Read more »

Harnessing your nervousness while working in groups

We were all standing with a partner and asked to keep our arms straight while our partner would try to pull it down. I made a fist and stretched my arm up in the air. After an intense effort my partner succeeded in pushing my arm downward.   Being present Robert noticed we all had… Read more »

Start making your own advice!

Why would you hire an external consultant? Granted, if the consultant has a set of expertise your organisation does not have, then the question is quickly answered. We need you as a consultant because you know stuff we need but don’t know. Legal stuff is a nice example.   Formulating your own advice But for… Read more »

Creating business values bottom-up

Travelling through Russia can get tough. A few years ago I was standing in a long queue for a train ticket. At a certain moment the lady behind the counter stood up, arranged her hair and closed the desk. I got mad! I had been standing for almost 4 hours! It was almost my turn!… Read more »

The moral side of change

Where are we heading to and why? Most change programmes are about adapting to economic times (being able to sell more or to keep the level of sales). But the discussion on why we need a certain change on a deep intrinsic level is hardly addressed. When asked, the most probable answer will be that… Read more »

Transformational meetings

When I entered the meeting room I was not happy. A big U-shape filled the room. The four round tables I had requested for were squeezed in a back corner, hardly noticeable. They were not even the tables I had requested for. These ones were awfully small. In a split second I was reviewing my… Read more »

Tackling the innovation deficit: get rid of borders

To anyone who is innovating I would recommend looking back into history. And my interest being the creation of participative environments fostering innovation I want to take a closer look at 15th century Florence. Why there? Well, because at that time Florence showed an incredible burst of creativity and innovation in the arts and humanities…. Read more »

Innovate the opposite way

On Friday 11 February I organised the Creative Green Forum as part of the Green Innovation Platform. An interesting discussion about the definition of innovation started between one of the speakers and the audience. One participant claimed that innovation was a lonely activity; many of the greatest ideas had been produced in glorious solitude. The… Read more »

Avoid eternal discussions and get the vision right

M. was holding a passionate plea. He vigorously drew a circle on a flip chart and pointed at to the top: ‘we’re here now. At the same spot as a few years ago. Then we went down to the bottom of the circle in which we all had to be “one”. It cost us a… Read more »

A multilevel approach for TOP®

I never realised that the US is a very efficient market until I met a former Marketing Manager from Unilever who had been promoted to Asia. He explained that with one single marketing campaign he could reach a huge market of wealthy customers. With 300 million inhabitants sharing the same language and culture a single… Read more »