My disclaimer: Make complexity engaging not simple

Complexity is not about simplicity When I say that complexity can be surfed with 21st century meetings, it’s easy to think the subliminal message here is that 21st century meetings are simple. Now simplicity and complexity seem to be opposed, and by formal definition they might be. But that’s too simplistic an approach. Simplistic, because… Read more »

Are we moving Hare or Tortoise

Change: what is your successful strategy?

In Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare both animals set of for a race. A race that is really about two strategies to achieve change. Tortoise, tired of hearing Hare boasting his speed, challenges him. All the animals of the forest gather to watch. Hare is fast to run down the road and… Read more »

Where does your meeting impact?

Why a ‘boss free’ organisation is not boss free

Since Zappos decided to turn into a holacracy, we definitely have a hype around boss free companies. Not that ‘boss free’ companies are new, but that a well-known brand and big company is taking up the challenge is definitely worth noticing.   ‘Boss free’ is an answer to the problems of bureaucracy, which in the… Read more »

Celebrating 1 year of innovation / change / participation

Hurray! My site has reached the young age of 1. And look at all the possibilities that exist with number 1. 1 quote: ‘It’s better to be 3rd instead of 1st’ Malcolm Gladwell 1 thing I’m thankful for: Ella, born on October 11th 1 book that inspired me: ‘Delivering Happiness’ by Tony Hsieh   2011:… Read more »

Optimise your meetings

Ideas are just ideas. On itself, the value of an idea is nil. If you have a great idea but you don’t execute it, then nothing happens. The world just goes on as it went. And you’ve not made the change you wanted (did you really want to change the world or were you just… Read more »

The Hugh Grant of business transformation

The era of social media is teaching us new rules for public speaking. When the crowd is by definition connected to the rest of the world via smart phones, tablets and computers, you also need to change the way you’re presenting says blogger Drew Neisser. Don’t expect the crowd to look at you while you… Read more »

A low-meeting diet

A low-meeting diet: some do it!

Today I was flabbergasted. On two different unrelated occasions I asked: ‘how many hours a week do you spend in meetings?’ The first person I asked is project manager at a big public organisation, the second manager at a global consultancy.   Both respondents gave the same answer: 5 hours a week.   Example of… Read more »

Meetings: the golden window of opprtunity for change

When an organisation asks me to lead a change, the way meetings are run is rarely a topic of discussion. Points of attention are typically the organisational chart, job descriptions of the new positions (especially at higher level) and typology of the new culture. Meetings are usually overlooked. As if they didn’t matter.   But… Read more »

‘Get your ass in line’

The admonishment by US House Speaker John Boehner to his fellow Republican became legendary the moment it was uttered. ‘Get your ass in line’ is a rare beauty of the helplessness of the House Speaker during a closed meeting where he tried to rally support from his fellow party members for a debt bill last… Read more »

Happiness, experience and making your own organisation

The Russian economist Kondratieff discovered that market economies develop in 50-70 year long waves. Markets follow an up-cycle of growth leading to a period of stability that is eventually followed by a recession and that in a timeframe of 50 to 70 years before the new wave starts.   Three important trends The current wave… Read more »

Yes, and… let’s revolutionize the world

Not long ago I discovered and joined the Applied Improvisation Network, a worldwide network of more than 1800 dedicated professionals using improvisation within their work. Their work is typically in the field of education, training, leadership, creativity, innovation and organisational development.     The basic rule for all improvisation work is: ‘yes, and…’   During… Read more »

Letting the new emerge

On the card John wrote the word ‘listening’. He was proud of it. ‘I learned the importance of listening today. It’s makes for better teamwork. So that’s what I’ll do starting tomorrow back at the office’. As usual I was closing the meeting by asking participants to write down that single action they would do… Read more »

The moral side of change

Where are we heading to and why? Most change programmes are about adapting to economic times (being able to sell more or to keep the level of sales). But the discussion on why we need a certain change on a deep intrinsic level is hardly addressed. When asked, the most probable answer will be that… Read more »

Confronting Chaos

True science postulates laws that are devoid of any morality. The principles on mechanics that Newton described are true. No matter what you find of them. The same applies for other fields such as mathematics, thermodynamics, electronics, etc. Still the effect of these scientific principles might hold a moral value. In this regard I came… Read more »