My solutions for your meetings

21st century meetings are key!

In the dynamic and complex environment that your organisation has to excel, holding 21st century meetings are key. Being busy with an innovation or change initiative, you know how hard it can get to bring the initiative forward. You need others. You need a team. In an ever globalised world, the dependancy from others is increasing but also increasingly difficult to manage. You need participation, engagement to surf complexity and achieve results. For that you need solutions that work. For that you need 21st century meetings.

Why 21st century meetings? Because meetings are those moments that your people come together. 21st century meetings are the place where the cooperation is at its strongest. By maximising participation, so that decisions are being supported, made swiftly, and executed afterwards.

These are my solutions for your meetings

I offer solutions on several levels with different impacts. For example, you may want to tweak your meeting with a participative tool. That is relatively straightforward and easy to do.

Redesigning the structure of your meetings requires a bit more thought. It requires you to review how the different meetings interact with one and other. The design process starts with: why do you want to hold the meetings in the first place.

Whatever your wish, underneath you’ll find different solutions:

  • designing and leading any of the 21st century meetings
  • designing a (meeting) structure that helps you surf the complexity
  • workshops on mastering participative tools
  • workshops on meetings for innovation, change
  • speaking on the need and power of 21st century meetings
Leading your meeting towards solutions