Meeting tip: ‘often work in small groups’ (video)

Having a fruitful conversation in your meeting is hard

Here’s the first meeting tip. Many meetings are about taking ideas further and making decisions. But having a fruitful conversation to achieve that is no easy task. Especially with all the diversity in your team. You have the talkative ones, the silent ones, the creative ones, and so on… And having people participating equally becomes a real challenge.

Meeting tip: ‘often work in small groups

Well research shows that the best performing groups are between 4 and 6 participants. So if you want participants to engage, here’s what you should do: break up regularly in small groups.

You can do this with every meeting, as long as subgroups are not bigger than 4 to 6 participants. Probe a good question and let participants start the conversation. That could be: ‘what strategic themes should we be working on’ or: ‘what are the next actions? And anything in between.

Try it… And you will notice how much more meaningful and fruitful your meetings will become.

More easy tips?

If you want more easy tips on everything related to meetings (not only presentations) surf to my other video’s.


Nel Mostert

This is indeed a simple and very powerful tip!
My preferred group size is 2 to 3 participants, so no one can ‘escape’ the discussion.


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