Keith Sawyer

‘Everyone can be a creative genius’ – Interview with Keith Sawyer

Keith Sawyer is one of the world’s leading scholars on creativity. He is author of the bestseller ‘Group Genius’ that focusses on group creativity. He has just released his new book ‘Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity’ in which he shows that the creative process is not and should not be approached as… Read more »

Green Innovation Platform

You are creative!

‘I’m creative’ . Too often, I meet people that are unable to utter these 3 words. When they think of creative ideas, they’re never the source; when they think of creative persons, they leave themselves out of the equation.   I was in the middle of a deep discussion with a former colleague about work,… Read more »

Optimise your meetings

Ideas are just ideas. On itself, the value of an idea is nil. If you have a great idea but you don’t execute it, then nothing happens. The world just goes on as it went. And you’ve not made the change you wanted (did you really want to change the world or were you just… Read more »

Innovate with failures, collaboration and solitude

What happens when you’re at a conference where the line-up of speakers is greater than at any conference you’ve been so far at. You get inspired, overloaded with fresh ideas and energised to give your own activities a new boost. At least, that’s what happened to me. The Creativity World Forum 2011 was packed with… Read more »

If only meetings could be more like sex…

I’ve already blogged about how ideas propagate. Richard Dawkins stated they do this the same way as our genes. Ideas travel from mind to mind, are being used, recombine, fall apart, get lost and father new ideas.   Our meetings can become so much better From that point of view, meetings are nothing more than… Read more »

The future in pictures

The whole village had gathered to hear her speak. Young and ambitious, she stood fearlessly on the small podium and was explaining what good she would be doing for the community. A vote for her would not be lost. Her campaign had taken momentum after a TV debate with fellow candidates, all male and well… Read more »

Start improvising and increase your flexibility

Improvisation is a form of creativity, albeit a very special one. Because improvisation is a creativity act with immediate result. There is no time separation between idea generation (composition) and the execution of the idea. When asked to explain the difference in no more than 15 seconds Jazz Saxophonist Steve Lacy gave the following answer:… Read more »

Brainstorming in Asia

My first brainstorm session in Asia was a big miss. The group was small and consisted of 7 Thais (and 1 German, the owner of the company). They wanted to develop creative strategies to develop new markets for their company. A great brainstorm topic! When the brainstorm does not take off Brainstorming works when people… Read more »