Holding a 21st century meeting

You are leading an organisation or team through complexity. And you need to schedule, prepare and lead a meeting, and even many meetings. Meetings that require the attention and the focus of everyone, meetings that ask for engagement, ideas, solutions, meetings that end with action. And you want to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Of course, as a professional you know how to do that.

But sometimes you could do with a bit of help. Especially when it comes to involving participants fully. Because you also realise that many of the methods you tried not always yield results. You realise that if you want to grasp the complexity around your team you will have to change the way you hold your meetings.

What is the 45 min call and how does it work?

In a call I will help you design and prepare to lead a 21st century meeting. We will focus on your needs in terms of content (what result do you want to achieve?) and process (how do you organise the inclusion of all participants?). Thus we will tailor the design of the meeting to your needs. And your meetings will become more result-oriented, participative and fun!

I am still busy with a nice tool to make the appointment easy. But if you want to have help with any of the 21st century meetings, just fill in the form below and I will get in touch with you promptly.

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For whom is this call?

This call is for executives, managers and team leaders that regularly have meetings and sense that having better meetings – purposeful, inclusive, engaging – is the key to delivering greater results with your team.