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Who is the hero of your staff meeting?

It was a former colleague at my first job that ignited my interest in meetings. He got me onto meetings… and how to avoid them (see also my other posts). But he did it in a strange way.

The Innovation Room

Innovation is inefficient. Innovation is embracing uncertainty.

You’re standing in a big vast room. And everywhere around, you see doors. There are so many doors that the walls,

‘There is always space to act innovatively’ – interview with Paul Iske

Paul IskePaul Iske

Paul Iske is the Chief Dialogues Officer at the ABN AMRO Bank. It’s an intriguing position in which he is responsible for the Dialogues House and Dialogues Incubator. The ABN AMRO Bank created these spaces to support entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and behaviour within and outside the bank.

The hidden blessing of failure

I’ve already been blogging here and here about the importance of failure when changing or innovating.


Despite the lessons I write about failure, I try to avoid them.

‘The idea that we need meetings is false!’ Interview with Al Pittampalli

Al PittampalliAl PittampalliAl Pittampalli calls himself meeting culture warrior. He’s on a mission to change the way organisations hold meetings, make decisions, and coordinate action. It’s a beautiful mission that echoes a lot with the work I do.

Are your meetings clear about decisions?

Coming to a closure, also known as making decisions is always one of the most difficult challenges a group faces.

Recently, I was leading a workshop on meetings and many participants faced the difficult issue of decision-making.

‘The culture of most organisations does not accept creativity’ Interview with Keith Sawyer

Keith Sawyer is one of the leading scholars on creativity, collaboration and learning. He is author of several books including the best sellers ‘Explaining Creativity’ and ‘Group Genius’.

Are your meeting rooms inspiring or depressing?

Have you ever met here? Have you ever met here? Create an inspiring space! Habit number 4 of my ‘2 Rules and 7 Habits for Creative and Engaging Meetings’ is a reaction to all the poorly designed meeting rooms that abound in offices around the world.

‘We have to think as designers’ – Interview with Alex Osterwalder

Alex Osterwalder is hot. He is co-author of the bestseller book ‘Business Model Generation’. The book inspired me as being one of the only books worth reading on business modelling. The model is simple,

Do it without meeting (the no-meeting organisation)!

You’re in a meeting. The stuff that’s being presented is boring, as is the presenter. You know the discussion will be long and tedious. So you start daydreaming. Dreaming about doing stuff without meeting.

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