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‘Managers need to learn to say no’ – Interview with Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven is a much sough-after speaker at conferences and meetings. Through is enthusiastic and playful attitude to life, he creates an open and informal atmosphere. ‘Less is Beautiful’ is his fourth book in which he invites professionals to look for ways to gain more with less efforts.

Improving your meetings is a waste of time!

Is improving your meetings a good idea?

Most meetings are an energy drain. Everyone working for or with a big organisation knows that. So I often get clients that would like to see their meetings improved.


Why a ‘boss free’ organisation is not boss free

Since Zappos decided to turn into a holacracy, we definitely have a hype around boss free companies. Not that ‘boss free’ companies are new, but that a well-known brand and big company is taking up the challenge is definitely worth noticing.

‘Self-management invariably works better than hierarchies’ – Interview with Richard Hames

Richard HamesRichard HamesRichard Hames is a corporate philosopher and knowledge designer. He is one of the most influential strategic foresight practitioners currently around. I had the chance to experience Richard’s wit, intelligence and sharpness in projecting the future of our world and its consequences for society,

You are listening, aren’t you? (deep listening for beginners)

Now mirror your speech!Now mirror your speech!

Meetings are all about communication and therefore listening. Without communication, the meeting would cease to exist.


The word ‘communication’ has a Latin origin of which the root is mun- (not uni-).

The failure of hierarchical management structures

Hierarchical management structures and innovation don’t get along


The Financial Director magazine interviewed me about modern management structures. Hierarchical management structures are not able to innovate successfully in our fast-changing world. The article evolves around the dual operating system by Kotter.

‘With Jugaad Innovation you save on time and resources’ – Interview with Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou is co-author of the bestseller Jugaad Innovation, in which he explains how emerging economies are innovating frugally by clever improvisation. Filled with many examples, Navi Radjou and his colleagues show that frugal innovation is flourishing in emerging countries.

9 signs you’re taking innovation seriously

Innovation: a difficult topic

How well are managers able to judge the value of innovation within their organisations?


I was running a workshop for innovators within a big company. Great and novel ideas were discussed,

Enabling great decisions: balancing spheres in meetings

Decisions and consensus are not reached in some settings. If the exchange of ideas has stalled and if all point of views are clear, then change settings towards a cosy and warm atmosphere.


Location: a normal meeting room

Are you ready to move on?Are you ready to move on?

‘I don’t understand why you aren’t giving us the information!’ I had lost count on how often I already heard this reproach.

‘Everyone can be a creative genius’ – Interview with Keith Sawyer

Keith Sawyer is one of the world’s leading scholars on creativity. He is author of the bestseller ‘Group Genius’ that focusses on group creativity. He has just released his new book ‘Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity’ in which he shows that the creative process is not and should not be approached as a straight line.

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