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Getting ready for collaboration

Clément Ader invented man-powered flight (and not the brothers Wright)

Our society glorifies the one or two persons that finalise an invention up to a point the rest of us can finally imagine its potential. Before that point,

My disclaimer: make complexity engaging, not simple

Complexity is not about simplicity

When I say complexity can be surfed with 21st century meetings, it’s easy to think the subliminal message here is that 21st century meetings are simple.

Now simplicity and complexity seem to be opposed,

Change: what is your successful strategy?

In Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare both animals set of for a race. A race that is really about two strategies to achieve change. Tortoise, tired of hearing Hare boasting his speed,

Why a ‘boss free’ organisation is not boss free

Since Zappos decided to turn into a holacracy, we definitely have a hype around boss free companies. Not that ‘boss free’ companies are new, but that a well-known brand and big company is taking up the challenge is definitely worth noticing.

‘Many organisations have no mechanism to pull out ideas’ – interview with John P. Kotter

John P. KotterDr. John P. Kotter is a former professor at the Harvard Business School and is regarded as one of the biggest authorities on leadership and change. He has authored 17 books,

Celebrating 1 year of innovation / change / participation

Hurray! My site has reached the young age of 1.

And look at all the possibilities that exist with number 1.

1 quote: ‘It’s better to be 3rd instead of 1st’ Malcolm Gladwell

1 thing I’m thankful for: Ella,

Optimise your meetings

Ideas are just ideas. On itself, the value of an idea is nil. If you have a great idea but you don’t execute it, then nothing happens. The world just goes on as it went. And you’ve not made the change you wanted (did you really want to change the world or were you just struck by a nice thought?).

The Hugh Grant of business transformation

The era of social media is teaching us new rules for public speaking. When the crowd is by definition connected to the rest of the world via smart phones, tablets and computers, you also need to change the way you’re presenting says blogger Drew Neisser.

The power of simplicity (or ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’)

Simple things are powerful. The title ‘Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite’ is one of those powerful simple things. To refresh the memory: it’s the title of a great little book by Paul Arden.

A low-meeting diet: some do it!

Today I was flabbergasted. On two different unrelated occasions I asked: ‘how many hours a week do you spend in meetings?’ The first person I asked is project manager at a big public organisation, the second manager at a global consultancy.

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