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Many meetings share information through presentations

Here’s my second meeting tip, this one is on presentations. Many meetings are about sharing information. And just for now, I am not going to question whether meetings are the best way to do so. Because sometimes you just have this presentation in your meeting. For small groups, bigger groups of even a huge crowd.

And it freaks you out because how are you going to bring your presentation to life? How are you going to engage your listeners?

Meeting tip: ask participants to discuss your presentation in pairs

Regardless of your presentation skills, there are simple ways to do so. One tip. At the end of your presentation don’t do the classical Q&A.Instead ask every participant to briefly discuss your presentation with his or her neighbour.

And invite each pair to come up with one, just one, question on your presentation. If you have a small group gather all the questions, if you have a big group gather as many questions as you can handle. And answer the questions only after you’ve collected them all.

Try it… And you will notice how much participants love it!


More easy tips?

If you want more easy tips on everything related to meetings (not only presentations) surf to my other video’s.

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