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21st century meetings

Are meetings like this great?

You’re busy running an organisation, unit, team. And regularly you have meetings. They seem good, yet… the increasing complexity surrounding you and your team makes it harder and harder to adjust. Your meetings do not deliver anymore. You realise you need a better form of cooperation, a better team.

In the transition towards an agile and flexible organisation, inclusion, participation and connectedness is key. This success evolves around meetings. Why? Because meetings are those moments that your people come together and get connected.

And it requires different type of meetings. Meetings where inclusion, cooperation and participation are central. Decisions are being supported, made swiftly, and executed afterwards by maximising inclusion, participation and connectedness. You need 21st century meetings. 

21st century meetings as a necessity

By thinking about:

  • inclusion, participation and connectedness,
  • how to involve and engage team members, management, stakeholder and so forth,
  • how to change your leadership to accommodate that,

you start building an agile organisation. An organisation that will help you surf the complexity surrounding you.

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Yes, we’re having meetings

Yes I know… you’ve already started doing this. But your meetings are still as you’ve learned back in the old days. In the days that fitted well the industrial age. 

Henry Ford would have loved producing our current day meetings the way he produced his cars. His famous ‘any colour – so long as it’s black’ would have marvelously fit the numerous meetings that are being churned out worldwide. There’s just a slight variation in black because they’re not all being produced by the same firm.

So how does a 21st century meeting look like? Sitting around a table is just one way of holding meetings! My website offers you everything to get the most out of your meetings, to design and lead 21st century meetings that help the transition towards agility because they are agile by themselves.

Helping you design and lead 21st century meetings

You’ll find many resources to help you design and lead great meetings:

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